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Spark Plug Wire Boot Protector Cover


Manufacturer's Part Number:100012
Part Type:Spark Plug Boot Protectors
Product Line: Protective Boots

Length (in):6.000 in.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F):1,800 degrees F
Heat Protection Color:Tan,Red,Blue,Yellow,Orange,White,Red .
Quantity:Sold as a set of 8 Pieces.

Moto Genius spark plug wire boots can stop the meltdown under your hood! High horsepower creates loads of extreme heat that can put your spark plug boots, wire, and ignition system at risk. Espeically for titanium boots,  they feature a unique material mined from lava rock, then stranded and woven into a tight weave that's pliable, strong, and can handle up to 1,800 degrees F. These sleeves resist most abrasions, chemicals, and contaminants. Moto Genius boots offer thermal protection for your plugs and wires.