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Black Fire sleeve Hose and wire Heat Insulation Protection


Item: Silicone Rubber Glass Fiber Sleeve

Materials:E-glass fiber ,Silicone rubber
Maximum continuous temperature:500 F degree (260 Degree C)
Colour : Black


Product property
This casing pipe is made with high inflation loose glass fiber and covered with thick iron oxide red silica gel.Fire resistant , flame retardant, heat insulation, insulation, anti-aging, anti splash of molten steel, waterproof, anti oil, anti acid . It can withstand continuous exposure to high temperatures of 260 Degree C without the damage at temperatures up to 1090 Degree C in 15-20 minutes and not breakdown at a temperature of 1650 Degree C in 15-30 seconds.These features make it applicable to protect hose cable and pipe .

Industry application
Hose and wire protection