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Heat Reflective Sleeve Shield for Wire and Tubing


Motogenius Heat Reflective Sleeve Shield

 Made from heat reflective aluminized outer fabric and high quality glass fiber . It will addconvenience of hook , loop closure design along the open edges.

Heat Sleeve protects against oil, dirt, road grime and is fireproof, can be shaped to fit the tightest bends and is available in multiple sizes to offer the versatility of fitting diameters from 0.5 - 2.5 inches.

Lowering air intake temperatures with an cold air intake heat shield increase the density of the fuel air mixture, creating more power.

  • Reducing up to 90% of radiant heat(work temp: 500 °F (260°C))
  • Helps to lower air intake temperatures, increasing horsepower
  • Can increase MPG in some applications
  • Convenient hook & loop closure design
  • Available is sizes ranging 0.5 - 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Easily trim to length 
  • Without the need of removing one end of connected wires, cables and hoses,
  • Simply wrap heat sleeve around whatever needs protection and close edges.
 This reflective heat sleeve will help to solves the problem of heat and abrasions causing failure of lines, hoses and wires without the need to disconnect them.